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Information for Doctors | Southgate Surgical Suites

Southgate Surgical Suites offers fully-equipped, state-of-the-art operating rooms with flexible booking for dentists and plastic surgeons in Lethbridge, Alberta.


For dentists looking to perform complex medical procedures, our suite of operating rooms has all the equipment and space necessary, saving dentists and patients alike time and stress.

Information for Dentists

Plastic Surgeons

Our facility offers flexible scheduling, hospital-quality operating rooms, and all the equipment and resources necessary for in-demand plastic surgeons to perform elective surgical procedures.

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Resources for Doctors

Book a Surgical Suite

We are open by appointment, and our office opens at 7:30 on scheduled work days. Our building is fully accessible with elevator and stairs.


Pre-Op forms

Download and fill out patient medical history and pre-op forms ahead of time.


Physician Registration

Register to become a Southgate Surgical Suites physician, and enjoy the many benefits our facility has to offer.


  • Whether you're undergoing an elective surgery or a routine dental procedure, we want to make the process stress-free for you. From shorter wait times to our beautiful, sunny facility, Southgate Surgical Suites has everything you need for a seamless and comfortable medical experience.
    - Dr. Tim Rollingson