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The doctors, plastic surgeons, and dentists who visit Southgate Surgical Suites in Lethbridge are accepting new patients. Get in touch with them today!

For ALL plastic surgery consults and inquiries, please call their offices listed below:
Plastic Surgeon, Dr. John Hasell's Office - (403) 328-1300
Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Matthew Secretan's Office - (403) 381-0083

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If you're looking for a new doctor, or one who can perform a specific procedure, we can help.

Friendly, Experienced Physicians

The dentists, doctors and surgeons that work out of our clinic are all experienced, skilled and high qualified to perform a number of specialized and general procedures.

In addition, our dentists have a unique focus on patient care, and will do everything necessary to make you feel comfortable, and your appointment go smoothly.

About Our Facility

Treatment at our gorgeous, state-of-the-art facility is an experience in and of itself. A spa-like atmosphere and lots of bright, natural light act as the perfect backdrop for a comfortable and easy medical experience.

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Southgate Surgical

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Dr. John Hasell's Office, Plastic Surgeon

(403) 328-1300


(403) 942-6779

Dr. Matthew Secretan's Office, Plastic Surgeon

(403) 381-0083

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