Information for Anxious Patients

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If you get nervous about dental or medical procedures, you're not alone. At Southgate Surgical Suites, we want to help you manage and overcome that anxiety for a better medical experience.

Feeling anxious about an upcoming procedure?

Many people feel some level of anxiety or stress when it comes time to undergo a medical procedure. Whether it's a necessary dental treatment or surgery, or elective plastic surgery, anxiety or fear around your appointment is completely normal, and perfectly understandable.

At Southgate Surgical Suites, it's our mission to reduce the anxiety our patients feel as much as possible, and provide each of them with a relaxing and a stress-free medical experience.

Anxious About Dental Treatment, Lethbridge Patients

How We Help

Our facility has been designed from the ground up for patients' peace of mind. This is the philosophical foundation on which we base all that we do, from the atmosphere we have created in our beautiful, modern and bright facility, to the unique service we offer.

Your Own Doctor

Our facility allows dentists to perform procedures that they don't have the equipment for at their own practices. That means no referrals necessary; if you need a specialized dental treatment, you can have it done by your regular dentist, with whom you already have a relationship. For many patients, this helps take the edge off their anxiety.

  • An On-Site Anaesthetist

    We have an anaesthetist available on-site to keep you safe and comfortable during your procedure. Our anaesthetist makes it possible for you to undergo your dental procedure while asleep, thereby completely eliminating the sights, sounds and feelings that go with a dental procedure. Learn More About Sleep Dentistry »

  • Shorter Wait Times

    In-demand plastic surgeons often have long wait lists, an issue that is exacerbated by the limited operation room times available at the Lethbridge Regional Hospital. Access to our facility, with its flexible scheduling and ample operating room space, means that your surgeon will be able to see you much sooner, reducing the stress and anticipation that can result from waiting for a surgical procedure. Our Plastic Surgery Offering »

  • A Spa-Like Atmosphere

    Our modern facility incredibly spacious and bright with large windows that let in abundant natural light. We cultivate a quiet, peaceful, spa-like atmosphere, and our friendly team will put you right at ease.

  • Convenient Ammenties

    Our beautiful, brand new facility is conveniently situated in the main shopping area of Lethbridge, Alberta. If you're coming from out of town for your procedure, you'll have access to plenty of restaurants, shops and hotels in close proximity to our facility. Everything you'll need for a comfortable stay is right at your fingertips!